I generally take my photographs around the local area, the naturally beautiful Welsh countryside. I also occasionally visit the local Airshow, RAF Cosford. My camera gear is entry level DSLR equipment:

Sony Alpha A200 with Standard Sony lenses 18 – 20mm and 75 – 300mm

I also have a Nikon D5000 that I have not yet got to grips with. I prefer the Sony gear mainly due to the low cost for lenses, being around half the price of the Nikon and Cannon lenses. If, like me, you occasionally indulge in photography and on a bit of a budget I would strongly recommend considering the Sony line.

My video gear is whatever I have to hand at the time. I have a GoPRO HD Hero 2 and my Samsung S5 mobile phone.

I am now also trying my hand at MotoVlogging.  Usinga GoPro HD Hero 2, I record my occasional trips around the Welsh countryside on my Honda VFR750.  The Kawasaki ZZR600 is still a non-runner, though I hope to get it operational at some point either to use as a second bike or to sell on, to fund my next bike.


No Agenda Show

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

The No Agenda Show is just about the only remaining free News and Political broadcast in the world. Today’s press and media outlets have all been co-opted by the advertisers. If a news bulletin was to say something that might offend the corporations the advertisers demand reparation or they pull their money. The old media system of advertisement based support cannot survive without the big corporation buy-ins, and so cannot be trusted to provide fair and balanced news.

The No Agenda Show is a free and open source podcast supported by you, the listener, on a value for value model. How does this work?

You listen to the show and you decide how much value you feel the show is worth. This can be one off payments or monthly donations. Donations of less than $50 are considered anonymous donation, whilst $50 or more are credited and thanked during the show. Donations of $200 - $333 are given Associate Producer credits whilst donations of $333 or more gets you Executive Producer credits. Both Associate and Executive producer-ships are given special mention during the show and in the extensive and valuable Show Notes All listeners are considered producers as we go out a propagate the formula that No Agenda is the Best Podcast in the Universe.

Bad Christian

Bad Christian is a blog and podcast dedicated to open and honest Christianity and encourages others to do the same within our own communities.

Bad Christian are:

Matt & Toby from the band Emery and Pastor Joey Svendsen

X3 Watch is the accountability software for all your devices.  Become accountable to you friends, partner or parents. 

XXXchurch is the number 1 Christians porn site.  Whether you are looking at porn and want to stop, in the industry and want out or a parent looking for advice, XXXchurch is a valuable resource for you. 

   XXXchurch regularly attend porn conventions to spread the Gospel message, and need your support.